Editing Services

I have worked as a freelance editor for nine years. I love working with writers in all stages of their writing, and helping them make their manuscripts so they can get their books published.

Developmental Edit

A development edit is the first stage of editing. I will give you a thorough evaluation of your manuscript, addressing issues such as plot, characterization, dialogue, pacing, dialogue, and voice/style. I breakdown your story, chapter by chapter, and offer you all my notes in the margin. This is a service I suggest before line editing. You would not want to fine-tune scenes and sentences that you may end of modifying or omitting.

COST: $12 per 1,000 words (minimum of 20,000 words)


​Line Edit

Once your manuscript has been revised and developed it will it be ready for a line edit. With this service I will addresses the writing style and use of language use at the level of the sentence. It is the fine-tuning stage.  Do the sentences flow? Is there clarity in meaning? Do you convey a strong sense of place, emotion and tone?

I will make in-line changes for your review.


COST: I require a sample of 1,000 words of the manuscript to give a price.


If you require a service not listed here, email me about your specific needs and I will happy to help or direct you to the right editor who can.

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