Editing services

I have worked as a freelance editor for nine years. I love working with writers in various stages and help them make their manuscript as strong as it can be.

Developmental Edit

I do developmental edits of short stories and novels of all genres. This includes suggestions regarding plot, characterization, dialogue, pacing, dialogue, and voice/style. I breakdown your story, chapter by chapter, and offer you all these notes at the margin.

I will identify your weaknesses and strengths, giving you plenty to reflect on before you get back to revising your manuscript.

COST: $12 per 1,000 words (minimum of 20,000 words)


Novel Critique

This is for those at the earlier stage of writing. It includes suggestions regarding the same elements of fiction as the developmental edit, except that I do not give a chapter-by-chapter breakdown and my notes are given mostly in letter form, addressing the big picture issues of your manuscript. Are their plot holes? Inconsistencies? This is a good edit to start with if your work has not been reviewed by critique partners or beta readers.

 COST: $9 per 1,000 words

Line Editing

This is a more detailed edit for those who have made major modifications to their manuscript.

Here I will make in-line changes for review, structural changes to the sentences, often reaaragning them. I adjust word choice and phrasing in some cases.

This is where we polish the story, sentence by sentence.

COST: I need to see a sample of the book in order to give a price.

Are you unsure of which edit is right for you? Do you have a question about my services? Or perhaps you are looking for an editorial service not listed here. Email me and I would happy to help or direct you to the right editor who can.

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